So, you have been invited to a Christening and you have your outfit sorted, but what on earth do you take as a gift, how much should you spend and how can you get a gift that will be appreciated and not just put in a box in the loft for years to come.

Christening gifts can be a tricky one. It can depend on the age of the baby/child that is being Christened. You don’t want to end up duplicating gifts, so it can be hard to find something unique.

There are plenty of lovely christening gifts to choose from and you will be spoilt for choice once you start searching. It is really about finding something a little bit different from the norm so your gift will stand out and be remembered.

If you are a godparent a child’s first Bible is often an appropriate gift and you can write a special message at the front. If there are other godparents, you may want to check so that you don’t all end up buying the same gift. If someone else has got a Bible you could go for a christening bracelet or necklace for a girl. Boys can be a bit more difficult but maybe a Christening plaque or money box or a special pen that can be engraved would be a great gift.

Personalised gifts are a fantastic option for Christening gifts and make a really special gift which will be cherished. You can get some beautiful wooden toys and have them engraved or a blanket, or muslin squares embroidered with baby’s name and christening date.  You can also get some lovely frames with maybe the child’s name in or pictures. Photo frames are a good gift then the family can choose a photo from the day to put in the frame.

Silver trinket boxes, first tooth and curl boxes, money boxes, silver spoons, breakfast sets are all lovely special gifts however you want to make sure that the child doesn’t receive ten money boxes as no baby needs or wants that many of one thing. Maybe a good idea to ask the parents, they may want to receive these things but maybe have some kind of gift list, so they don’t end up with duplicates. It may be that they limit silver gifts to family for example.

If you want to get something special, but you are not looking to spend too much then a nursery rhyme book or story book is likely to be an appreciated gift. You can even get personalised books where the child’s name is used as a character in the book. Or you could just decide that you don’t want to go with the traditional gifts and get a nice outfit for the child or a toy. Another idea is naming a star after the child and giving them the certificate.

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