Action cameras are wonderful for capturing footage of moments where you are in action from skiing to surfing these great little cameras can be used to film and take photos. They are great fun to use and you can relive the exhilarating moments time after time and share them with friends and family.  They are also excellent to use under the water and you can get some amazing photographs for example of tropical fish whilst snorkelling or just take silly photos of friends swimming under water if you prefer! Attach you water-proof casing and away you go. If you know someone who loves the action and would like to capture their actions on film then an action camera will be the ideal gift for them. They will be able to keep their recordings of the fantastic experiences they have had for many years and reminisce.

There are the lower priced budget cameras and you can check out reviews to find some really good ones and then a top of the range well known names such as Go-Pro and Nikon cameras which you will need a higher budget, but you find get some great quality cameras. Some have wifi so you can upload straight away for example to social media or a cheaper option is a camera without wifi. They come with different accessories so you can attach them to helmets, bikes, waterproof casing and so on so you can capture your different activities with ease by swapping the accessories.