An area rug displayed in your favourite room can turn a drab area into something stylish. However, selecting the right type of area rug is key in achieving the perfect look. Apart from taking the time to consider the colour and pattern of the rug, it is vital to also take into consideration whether the rug is round or rectangular. Which will work for you?

Traditional Vs. Modern

Rectangular rugs are very angular by nature and tend to fit best in areas that are decorated in a hip or modern style. The simple sharp angles of the rug are able to downplay and pull together geometric wallpaper, sleek furniture and even brightly coloured accessories.

If your home is more traditional or even has a romantic artsy vibe, a round rug is a perfect match for you. It has an airy feel to it and a round shape that makes it blend in with the traditional look without taking away from the rest of the accessories.

Large Space Vs. Small Space

As a rule of thumb, if you have a very large room you’re looking to install an area rug in, your most sensible option is a rectangular rug. In a large room, furniture can be arranged in angles and a nice rectangular rug can pull it all together. You also have to keep in mind that having several smaller rugs in a large room can make it look unprofessional and uncoordinated.

Smaller homes and confined spaces generally benefit the most from a round rug. The reason being is that most small homes tend to group furniture into angular spaces which can often feel cramped. A round rug can help pull the space out of that angular slump and add some interest without compromising the look of the home.

Focusing On Furniture And Accessories

It is important that when taking into consideration the shape of the rug, you are also thinking about the type of furniture that has to sit on top. For example, a round table in the dining area would best be complemented by a round rug as the chairs can safely sit on top. However, for a modern looking room with a chandelier and sleek furniture, a rectangular rug (even in the dining area) can help bring everything together.

Making The Final Call

Though budget will play a role in your decision making, keep in mind that some patterns just look better on a rectangular rug (Aztec and geometric prints) and some are destined for a round rug (swirly and shag styles).

A good way to make the final call when you have trouble is to get out the masking tape and create the shape you are considering purchasing around the area you wish to install it in. This can help you better visualize whether a rectangular or a round rug looks best in your room. Lastly, the masking tape will also allow you to realistically calculate the size you will need for your space.