Every girl dreams of looking like a Princess on their wedding day or when they go to their prom but not all girls have the body shape to be flattered by some of the latest styles. When it comes to dressing for a really special occasion don’t be tempted to wear something just because it’s the latest style – understand your body shape and buy something which is flattering for you to feel and look fabulous without being self-conscious.
We’ve all seen larger than average girls pouring themselves into tight fitting bodices but there really is no need. All girls can look beautiful on their special day if they just follow a few simple rules and dress to their body shape.
Busty Girls – girls with a larger bust may also have narrow hips and a waist which is not very well defined. The key to looking fantastic is to draw the eyes away from the bust and up towards the face which will help to balance the broader upper body with the narrower lower body helping to create the illusion of the perfect hourglass figure. Choose dresses which help to define the waist and add curves to your hips. If you’ve got great legs don’t be afraid to show them off but don’t be tempted to go too short or you will look a little top heavy.
Slender Girls – some girls have a naturally thin frame which is rather “straight up and down”. The trick is to accentuate that long, lean physique using a fitted dress. A belted waist will help to provide a little shape and a dress with a side slit will help to add dimension.
Apple Girls – girls with an apple shaped figure carry the majority of their body weight in the middle. These girls will typically have rather slim legs and a short, undefined waist. A dress which has an empire line will help to draw the attention in all the right directions. Belted styles and wrap dresses can also look great. Don’t be afraid to show off your legs if it will make you feel good – if you’ve got great legs then why not show them off?
Pear Girls – if your hips and thighs are much larger than your shoulders and chest you are pear shaped. The waist is usually the best asset of a pear shaped girl so if this is you don’t be afraid to flaunt it. It’s all about adding volume to your top, emphasizing a tiny waist and detracting attention from the hips to create a beautifully balanced silhouette. A dress which has a fitted top and a full, flouncy or A-line skirt works well.
Petite Girls – if you are below 5′ 3″ high then you are officially petite. Some prom or wedding type dresses can literally drown someone so small so it is important that you choose your dress carefully. Don’t be afraid to show a little bit of leg which helps to add height with an asymmetrical hemline to make you appear a little taller. If you choose a floor length gown with a full skirt it can be overwhelming for such a tiny frame. Choose something delicate and feminine to really compliment your body shape.
Hourglass Girls – girls with an hourglass figure are ultra curvy with bust and hips in perfect proportions and a body which is in complete balance thanks to the length of the legs. In order to dress this type of figure to its full advantage you really need to accentuate your best asset – a well-defined waist will help to do this. Girls who are lucky enough to have an hourglass figure can look good in many different shapes of dress with natural waistlines, v-necklines, form fitted tops, wrap dresses and open necklines. These girls are the luckiest of all when it comes to choosing the perfect dress for that special occasion.
Follow these tips to suit your body shape and you won’t go far wrong. If you choose a style of dress which really flatters your figure and accentuates the parts which need accentuating it will help you to look and feel fabulous which can help to make a great event into the perfect occasion.