Fashion may be big business, but for most people, it turns out to be an endless waste of time and money. That amazing dress you saw on your favourite show just doesn’t work for you, the most expensive pair of jeans money can buy never don’t seem to flatter you and you have more items in your closet that never see the light of day than one’s you actually wear. Don’t give up, you simply haven’t found your own sense of fashion yet and the following ideas will help.
Accessorizing A Simple Dress
A solid-coloured, simple dress that perfectly suits your body type can transform you for any occasion with the right accessories. For example, the classic “little black dress”, paired with a thin belt, black shoes and string of pearls will take you to an elegant party or anniversary dinner. Zip on a pair of white or neon knee-high boots and you’re ready for a club. Complementing the dress brings out your sophistication, contrasting it shows your modern, artistic style.
Acing An Interview Or Presentation In Style
Fashion statements made on professional terms set you apart completely; they can establish your confidence and influence how people perceive you, even helping you land a coveted job or promotion. Start with a clean cut suit, either pants or skirt, in a muted colour that enhances your eyes and hair. Add a belt that accentuates your body, but doesn’t take the outfit over. Your shoes should portray you as strong, but not impractical. Hence, a pair of attention-grabbing platform or medium heels will do the trick, as opposed to stilettos, which are usually over the top in sensuality.
Colour Itself As An Accessory
From belts and bracelets to shoes and shawls, your selection of accessories should be colour-wise. Color is a powerful medium, but most people fail to use it to full potential. Not only should colour complement your features and the entire ensemble, it should provoke. Warm colours, such as red or orange, invoke energy and creativity. A perfectly coordinated red outfit will brighten a room, making you more welcomed by those in it. Wear soft blues and you may appear more trustworthy to others, or slip into a shade of purple and you seem more creative and calm. Fashion experts understand the impact of colour and how to use it to their advantage, no matter what the occasion.
Combining Two Styles For Individual Expressionism
Creative fashion can be challenging to pull off because you risk looking uncoordinated or even uneducated in your style. However, accessorizing wisely creates awe and envy, perhaps even copycats! Take a simple skirt of black or dark blue, add a casual light-coloured tee-shirt and top it off with a denim jacket or vest. With this look, you have the start of something very stylish, but if you were to pop on a bright top hat, you would tell people you are an artist or musician or some other creative type. An over-sized scarf added might signify success or romanticism, depending on the colour you choose. No matter how you accessorize, though, the look you end up with is truly your own and one that speaks volume about who you are or how you feel and that is the ultimate goal of fashion.
Avoiding Fashion Flops
While fashion seems simple in certain aspects, like easy colour or fabric coordination, it’s not an easy art form to master. One of the best ways to find your own (and best) fashion sense is to experiment, not just with your look, but how the look makes you feel. Anything that lifts your spirits, excites your senses and elevates your self-image should work in your favour. Most people, however, lose their grip on fashion when it becomes muddled. Listening to too many friends creates a situation where you lose your way, as can copying people who are nothing like you. In other words: what works for someone else may be simply lost on you. While there is a fine art to fashion, there’s also a science, but it’s based on a chemistry of self, not some celebrity strutting down a catwalk.
Finding Your Fashion Sense: Make It Happen With The Right Accessories
Your Fashion Compass: Jewellery
If you haven’t found (or seem to have lost) your true sense of fashion, your taste in jewellery can guide you. Delicate gold complements classic clothing, while large, bright pieces lead toward bolder statements in fashion. Antique jewellery touches on romance and will turn a simple white button-down into something whimsical. Follow your favourites in jewellery and accessories to create your absolute style and to define your personality and purpose.
Once you discover your own fashion sense, the wardrobe should fall into place. Get rid of what you don’t wear and what just doesn’t work for you, and start enjoying the feeling of looking fabulous on your own terms. That’s what really brings out your most beautiful.