Going on a first date is never easy on the nerves. If anything, it tends to drive people to their closets, desperately trying to find an outfit that makes them look good, is comfortable, and will impress their new intended. But first date fashion can be hard to come by, especially if nothing in your closet is speaking to you!
That’s why we’ve put together some tips for helping you choose the right outfit for your first dates. The odds are pretty good you’ve got it sitting in your closet already – it’s just a matter of recognizing it.
Be Comfortable
Many people are under the assumption that in order to look good they must feel uncomfortable. Whether this means belts that barely fit, seams that are bursting, or shoes so tall they make you wobble, one of the last things you’ll want to put yourself through on a first date is fashionable discomfort.
You want to be able to dedicate your attention to your date, not your clothes. Besides, you never quite know how a date is going to turn. What starts as dinner and a movie could become a walk on the beach or through an amusement park. You want to be ready to move comfortably so you can enjoy your time.
Dress For The Occasion
Only you can truly know the level of your formality for your first date. If it’s someone you’ve been talking to for a while and they want to go somewhere casual, then a nice pair of jeans and a nice top will do just fine. If it’s a blind date at a mid-high level restaurant, then you may want to dress up a bit more. This doesn’t mean you have to drag out your old prom dress. There is such a thing as overdressing! Instead, wear some nice slacks and a blouse, or a nice, comfortable dress.
Own What You Wear
No, we don’t mean make sure that you actually purchased what you’re wearing, although that’s always good advice too. What we mean is that you want to be confident in whatever first date fashion you choose, as that confidence will be projected to your new date. Own it. Take it a spin a few times while you’re out shopping if you’ve never worn it before. Feel how it moves and how sexy, pretty, or cute it makes you feel. Any boost to your confidence that a good outfit gives you is one that makes a great first date outfit. Your clothes should accentuate your identity, not be the keystone.
First date fashion isn’t something mysterious or even frightful. Although it can be daunting to find that “perfect” outfit, by keeping in mind that you want to be comfortable, appropriate for the occasion, and confident in what you wear, you will surely find the outfit that speaks to you. And if you don’t, take it as an opportunity to go shopping for some new looks. Maybe you just haven’t found the right one yet.