Stuck searching for gift ideas for the Trekkie in your life? Allow us to present to you our favourite Star Trek gift suggestions. Perfect for Trekkies of any age

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3000 Piece Star Trek The Original Series Puzzle


This is a Star Trek The Original Series 3000 Piece Puzzle. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

Eastwind Gifts Star Trek Enterprise Wall Clock (ETWG275)


Add a dash of classic Star Trek to your wall Size – 14 high in. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

Official Star Trek Gadgets Tricorder Leather Book Wallet Case Cover For Apple Ipad Mini 1 / 2 / 3 (D_15_1A67C)


Official Star Trek product Handcrafted leather construction Multiple card slots for ID or credit cards Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

Star Trek Classic Deluxe Spock Shirt


Where would the crew of the Starship Enterprise be without Spock? They probably would have crashed on some deserted planet, or gotten blown up by Khan. You see, Captain Kirk might have that fiery passion of a leader, but someone needs to examine the cold hard facts to see the best path. Cold logic just […]

Star Trek Command Insignia Badge

$14.99 $9.99

Bring the hit action of the new Star Trek Beyond to life when you add this sweet Star Trek Beyond Command Insignia Badge to your collection. Styled as a screen accurate replica, this badge is officially licensed and ready for cosplay or everyday wear! Just imagine how much more awesome your favorite shirt is going […]

Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701 Pizza Cutter


Go where no pizza has gone before! Nifty gift for the Trekkie pizza lover! Stainless-steel blade! Star Trek fans must slice their pizza in style. This metal pizza cutter in the form of the famous NCC-1701 Enterprise ship from Star Trek: The Original Series features a laser-etched stainless-steel blade with a solid zinc-alloy, chromium-plated body. […]

Star Trek Original Series Collage Heather Gray T-Shirt for Men


So, it’s 50 years later, and people are still talking about Star Trek. Whoda thunk it? The first episode of Star Trek aired on September 6, 1966, and the world has never been quite the same. Of course, there’s been plenty of movies and series, and even reboots since Gene Roddenberry first created Kirk, Spock, […]

Star Trek Pattern Over the Knee Socks 2 Pack


So you spent your formative years Trekking with Captain Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura and the whole gang. It was only when adulthood hit that you found out the real world was less than totally Trekked out. But you can relive some of your favorite television nostalgia when you inject these Star Trek fashion pattern socks […]

STAR TREK Personalized Welcome Sign


After the trials and tribble-actions of a busy day, what could be better than returning to your family vessel to find your crew waiting to greet you with the traditional Vulcan salute? Now, take that warm welcome one stop further with the officially-licensed STAR TREK Personalized Wall Decor, available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Personalized […]

Star Trek Scotty Beach Towel

$24.95 $19.99

Show off your engineering prowess on your next beach break with this Star Trek Scotty beach towel. With a stylized design from Star Trek the original series, everyone’s going to know that you’re a top notch quantum mechanic. (Or that you’re just cannon fodder… you “redshirt” you.) However you envision your vacation, picture yourself with […]

Star Trek Star Trek Delta Shield 3-Piece Gift Set, Officially Licensed


Star Trek Delta Shield 3-Piece Gift Set Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

Star Trek Star Trek Two-Tone Delta Shield 3-Piece Gift Set, Officially Licensed


Star Trek Two-Tone Delta Shield 3-Piece Gift Set Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

Star Trek Starships Phase II Enterprise Vehicle & Mag #5


Forty years after it was initially developed, Eaglemoss presents a special bonus issue from Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek sequel that never was: Star Trek: Phase II. This Enterprise was designed for the show by the legendary Matt Jefferies, and has been produced in die cast and high-quality ABS materials then hand painted with an incredible […]

Star Trek TNG Isolinear Chip USB Drive – Exclusive

$19.99 $14.99

Modeled after the multi-purpose isolinear optical chips of Star Trek’s Next Generation era, these USB drives can add extra memory to your own personal PADD (AKA tablet) or be one of many in your computer’s isolinear chip array. The transparent casing displays the original chip pattern on both sides along with a genuine isolinear chip […]

Star Trek TNG Phaser Toy Gun Accessory


This is a Star Trek TNG Phaser Toy Gun Accessory. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

Star Trek TNG U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Bluetooth® Speaker


“Let’s make sure that history never forgets the name… Enterprise,” Captain Picard once said, and we never have. Sure the original Enterprise 1701 is a real beauty, but when ST:TNG came out, the ship designers went above and beyond. The result: the Galaxy-class NCC-1701-D. It was huge, it was graceful, and when under attack it […]

STAR TREK USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Figurine Collection: STAR TREK Fan Gift


Relive the adventure and excitement of exploring the Final Frontier on the STAR TREK™ Starship Enterprise, while celebrating the 50th anniversary of the greatest science fiction TV series in history! Introducing the U.S.S. Enterprise Figurine Collection, collectible STAR TREK figurines exclusively from The Bradford Exchange, Hawthorne Village Division. Your collection arrives in sets of two […]

Star Trek VTC Logo Juniors T-Shirt

$19.99 $2.99

Boldly going where no one has gone before? Easy. Dressing to boldly go where no one has gone before? That’s going to take just a little more effort. Make sure you’re ready for a five year mission by picking up this stylish Star Trek VTC Logo t-shirt for women. From Mighty Fine, this Trek tee […]

Star Trek Wall Clock


Space, the final frontier. The Star Trek Wall Clock will boldly go where no clock has gone before. Boasting Sun Brand mute movement, this unique clock features a golden Starship Enterprise flying through the galaxies, with easy to see white hour, minute and seconds hands and Klingon numerals. A perfect gift for Trekkie fans and […]

Star Trek: TNG Adult Deluxe Operations Uniform


“Purge warp conduit plasma filters to initiate an anti-resonance burst in the secondary displacement field!”If you can understand the previous sentence (and we swear, it totally does mean something…it’s not like we would just make it up or anything!), then you have passed your entrance exam for Starfleet’s Operations Division! That’s where the Federation sends […]