No matter who you are, you probably need a coffee table. This ubiquitous item of furniture is a must-have for the vast majority of people. Everyone likes to have a sturdy surface of a comfortable height in front of the sofa as a place to set drinks, food and reading materials and even prop your feet when you have time to kick back and relax. Most tables of this type are just a flat rectangular surface with legs, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In this article, we will discuss some DIY tables that are fun to make and sure to get attention. Read on to learn more.

For a sturdy, mobile surface you can create a pallet table on wheels! You can get pallets cheap or free from lots of places. Construction sites often just throw them out. Select a good one that doesn’t have too many splinters or uneven areas. You’ll need to cut it in half and remove the boards from the half you intend to discard. You will use these to fill in the gaps between the boards since pallets have quite a bit of space between boards. Once you have a fairly continuous top surface, sand down the whole thing to make it smooth and stain or paint it as you wish. Once it is completely dry, affix a set of dolly wheels to the bottom. You’ll want one on each corner. Voila! You now have a super-sturdy coffee table on wheels. You can put it in front of your sofa, roll it into your bedroom, take it out on the patio or use it wherever you need a nice, strong, good-looking table to set your drink!

If you are good at woodworking, you can free yourself from the traditional oval or rectangular table by cutting the top of your table from a good piece of wood or even a piece of three-quarter inch plywood, depending on what kind of style you want. Naturally, the nicer the wood, the nicer your final piece of furniture will be. Use your imagination to determine what shape you want. You could go with some standard shapes, such as kidney bean, diamond, etc. Alternately, you could choose an off-beat shape, such as the Batman emblem or some other familiar, quirky choice. This type of table is often best supported by a pedestal rather than legs.

It is also often very easy to re-purpose items to use as creative coffee tables. Many people like to use driftwood or chunks of burl in this way. This can be as simple as cutting the natural wood so that it will support a glass top, or really shaping and working with it to smooth a surface in the wood. When using natural materials, a great deal of the design is determined by the innate qualities of the wood.

Other items that can be re-purposed include steamer trunks, sturdy metal racks, low shelves and more. Look at the items you have around the house and/or shop antique stores, thrift stores and other places where you are likely to find unusually items. Keep an open mind and look for shape and size that will fulfill function. In this way, you can find just the right off-beat item to use as your creative coffee table.