Fishnet tights are truly not the easiest pair of tights to create a stylish look with. This is especially true if you want to come off as looking classy as opposed to suggestive. However, how you wear fishnet tights can determine how appropriate or inappropriate your look is. Below, you will find a few helpful suggestions to allow you to make the most of wearing fishnets in a classy manner.
The first thing you should consider is whether or not you actually like fishnet tights. There is little point in forcing yourself to wear this item unless you personally find it appealing.
If u do like fishnets, pay attention to the type of clothing you will wear. Wearing high heels and a mini skirt are the opposite of classy when it comes to playing with fishnet tights. Instead, opt for a knee-length skirt or one that may even be a tad longer. If you are looking to wear fishnet tights to the office, consider putting them under a pair of pants for just a slight hint of sexy.
Your clothing should be simple when you choose to wear fishnet tights. Avoid wearing clashing patterns or flashy jewelry, because these types of tights can be a statement piece on their own. When you choose to downplay the rest of your clothing, you are creating a classy look with your fishnets that is not only appropriate for the office, but won’t send the wrong message to other people.
You can also help downplay your look by choosing fishnets that are a mesh with smaller diamonds. It is just the right amount of sexy without becoming suggestive. Smaller meshed tights drop a hint of sophistication and style awareness.
Choose fishnet tights that are appropriately colored such as black, nude or gray. Neon colors are highly inappropriate for the office or looking like a sophisticated adult. The only time you should look for neon fishnets is if you’re going clubbing or to a rock concert.
As a last note of caution, fishnet tights are not always easy to downplay and if you don’t feel that your wardrobe is simple enough, skip these types of tights. They can send men the “wrong message” and they are truly not always appropriate in certain situations. For example, going to a board meeting may not be the most optimal time to make a fashion statement.