Loving skater dresses are easy.  You just need to be quickly introduced to the style.  A flared-out skirt from the waist and fitted bodice are featured on the dress.  Skater dresses are formal enough to wear to meetings, yet easy to wear on a casual day, making them a must-have part of your wardrobe.  Before moving on and learning how a skater dress can be styled, here is an important thing to note.  Keep in mind that the skater dress basically is a layering outfit.
So at times, the skater dress might look a bit drab by itself.  It needs to be layered with additional components in order for it to appear more eye-catching and complete.  You may want to add a skinny belt, maybe a blazer and stylish shoes.  Therefore, you need to not only focus on the dress but the other elements you are planning to add as well to your skater dress style and look.  A skater dress is great for flaunting your figure because on the top it is tight, has a cinched waistline and then flares out at the bottom.  That gives a very flirty and fun look, along with a very young appearance for whoever is wearing it.  Do not wear high boots were you are wearing a skater dress until it’s quite chilly outside.  For the daytime, dry wearing flat ballet shoes when you are needing comfortable footwear.  Go with sandals or feminine pumps for dressier occasions to complement the flared and short dress.  If your footwear is too boring for you, add an edge.  Wear frilly socks with feminine chunky sandals.
It’s always a good idea during the fall and winter to wear solid coloured socks with your skater dress.  Sheer stockings can even be layered under ruffled socks.  This is a very good way for you to be stylish as well as stay warm.  Wear knee-high socks for some grunge.  Here are a few tips for accessories and accompaniments.  If the skater dress you are wearing has an unadorned, minimalistic bodice, you can jazz things up by wearing a statement necklace.  For some classiness and added structure, wear a skinny belt.  This will add some interest and help to accentuate your waist.
Finally, don’t forget about your arms.  When you are wearing a skater dress that is sleeveless, it can look quite incomplete.  Put on a feminine cardigan or structured blazer.  A blazer or jacket can also add a nice pop of colour as well.  Carry on with your skater dress style from summer to winter and day to night.  If you use some of the above styling tips, heads will sure to turn on your skater dress.  Select one that suits your preference and body, and don’t forget to accessorize also.