Everyone loves Star Wars and everyone loves a bargain, right? So, what could be better than bargain Star Wars gift ideas!!! We present our 20 fav Star Wars gift ideas for under $20, suitable for all ages

11″ Star Wars BB-8 Cloud Pillow


This is a Star Wars BB-8 11″ Cloud Pillow. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

Metal Earth Star Wars BB-8 Model Kit


This is a Metal Earth Star Wars BB-8 Model Kit. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

Star Wars 210387 Star Wars Kids in. Boba Fett Digital Watch

$13.58 $10.06

Cool Star Wars watch featuring Boba Fett Product Information The Star Wars Kids Boba Fett Digital Watch is a stylish kids watch with an LCD display and featuring Boba Fett in a Star Wars image with a neat 3D effect. This cool gray watch has a matching strap while the digital display with an EL […]

Star Wars BB-8 Sculpted Mug


Droids with intelligence that surpasses humans. A secret Rebel Alliance with the courage to stand up against an evil Empire. Giant furry Wookiees that can ride in the co-pilot seat of your starship. The Force and it’s awakening. Lightsabers. The order of Jedi tasked with keeping the peace. A dashing rogue named Han Solo, who […]

Star Wars BB-8 Shaped Tin Tote


This is a Star Wars BB-8 Shaped Tin Tote. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

Star Wars Blue Shower Curtain


Make bath time more fun and exciting for your little one with this Blue Shower Curtain from Star Wars. Featuring the BB-8 Astromech Droid and R2-D2, it sure will spark imaginations during tub time. Made from polyester material, it is machine washable for easy clean and care. It has a buttonhole top making this shower […]

Star Wars Chewbacca Stuffed Figure 17″ Backpack


This is a Star Wars Chewbacca Stuffed Figure 17″ Backpack. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

Star Wars Cookbook: Wookiee Cookies


This is The Star Wars Cookbook: Wookiee Cookies. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

Star Wars Darth Vader Notebook


Keep all your Death Star plans safe and sound in a Darth Vader Notebook, the ideal place to hatch plans of intergalactic domination. A black spot UV notebook with Darth Vader design and featuring 200 lined pages, the Darth Vader Notebook is a perfect diary, journal or memo pad, and makes a great Star Wars […]

Star Wars Death Star Corkboard


Perfect for a Star Wars-themed bedroom, study or movie room, the Death Star Corkboard offers a great spot for all your plans, lists and important letters, bills or reminders. Circular in shape and decorated with the iconic Death Star, it comes with 12 TIE-fighter pins and adhesive and magnetic strips to temporarily fix it to […]

Star Wars Ep VIII Droids 2 pc. 16 oz. Cold Reactive Glass Set


Are you a glass half full kind of person, or a glass half empty? A Dark Side kind of person, or more on the Light Side of the Force? A cylindrical droid lover, or more a fan of the spherical types?Great news for you with this Star Wars Ep VIII Droids 2-Piece 16-oz Cold Reactive […]

Star Wars Ep. 7 First Order Stormtrooper Sandwich Shaper

$19.99 $9.99

Imagine being the coolest parents in the world for just a second. What does that look like? Some might say that cool parents need to have all the time in the world, a billion dollars, and otherwise give their kids everything. We think it’s much simpler than that. Cool parents take that small extra step […]

Star Wars Episode VII Light Up Earbuds

$14.99 $10.99

Star Wars Gifts: For all of those with First Order tendencies but delicate ears, these earbuds will be just what Supreme Leader Snoke ordered. Coming in a striking red and black color scheme, the buds also reduce volume to protect hearing, perfect for your young Stormtroopers in training or for those with sensory issues. The […]

Star Wars Fine Art Collection Never Tell Me The Odds 1000 pc Puzzle


This is a Star Wars Fine Art Collection Never Tell Me The Odds 1000 pc Puzzle. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest LinkedIn

Star Wars Ice Cube Trays – AT-AT/Star Destroyer

$9.99 $1.99

Star Wars Gifts: Da da da, dun da-daaa, dun da-daaaa. Darth Vader is on the slow march from his living room to the kitchen. He Force-pulls the door open and bends over to peer inside. Leftovers. Leftovers. Science experiment. Leftovers. Orange juice. Milk. Leftovers. Bah. Just as he was about to give up, he remembered […]

Star Wars Jabba the Hut 20oz Sculpted Ceramic Mug

$14.99 $7.99

Some mornings are scum. Some mornings feel like cruel masters – they force you to dance when you don’t want to, and none of your Jedi mind tricks will work to shake them off. When you face a morning like that, the best way to fight back is with coffee. That’s why there’s this Star […]

Star Wars Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle Construction Kit

$16.49 $12.49

Build the new spaceship from Star Wars: The Force Awakens™ with the Star Wars Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle Construction Kit. This incredibly detailed model starts out as two sheets of laser cut parts that can be transformed into a fantastic 3D model. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions and pop out all the pieces, bend the […]

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Keychain


A Kessel Run LegendShooting to break the record on the Kessel Run? Perhaps you’re trying to get groceries with some extra time to spare. Or maybe you’re just trying to beat the rush hour traffic to make it to work on time. Well, perhaps it’s about time that you learned from the master of the […]

Star Wars Princess Leia Bun Knit Hat


Princess Leia is one of the most powerful women in the galaxy, and she has quite a memorable hair style. If you’ve always wanted to look just like Leia, this officially licensed Star Wars beanie should help you pull it off. Featuring a design that looks just like her hair, this Princess Leia beanie is […]

Star Wars Printed Drinking Glass Tumblers

$16.49 $13.49

Enjoy some classy Star Wars refreshment with Star Wars Drinking Glasses – a set of two Star Wars themed tumblers that are the perfect way to raise a toast to cinema’s most iconic battle of good verses evil! Featuring a printed decal filled with iconic Stormtroopers on one glass (including the standout leader of the […]