If you are looking for a nice craft for you or your children to work on, you should look into latch hook rug kits. They can be a lot of fun, take up some time and you can hang them on the wall when you are done. They also come in a lot of different types and sizes and it is easy to find a kit that you would like to do.

What you should do is make your way to the craft store and pick out a rug you would enjoy doing. If you have children that are old enough to learn, have them pick out one too. Tell them that when they finish it they can put it up in their room to be able to look at whenever they want.

Make sure that you have enough hooks to work with if the kit does not come with one. It might be nice to have a few extra around the house anyway. Clear a space for everyone to be able to work on their rugs.

Plan a time for everyone to sit down and work on the rugs together. This is good for the kids because they can see what you are doing and can easily be taught how to latch hook. You can be there to walk them through it while you are also working on your own rug.

Each kit will come with the different colour yarn that will make up the picture. Some kits have more colours than others. There will also be a guide that each person will follow. This makes it easy to make up the pattern.

If you get really good at the rugs you could start to make up your own pictures but that isn’t always the best way to go about it. There are a lot of choices out there for latch hook rug kits so you usually can find what you are looking for.

Once everyone is done with their rugs you can all show each other what you have done. You should take photos and then put the rugs up on the wall where you want them to be seen. Children will really like to see their work up in their rooms and might ask for more rugs to work on.

If you have a child that is really into them you could get them more kits for Christmas. They could work on them during the break from school or any of their downtime. It is a great way for kids to slow down a little bit and work on a new skill.

If they offer a class in your area that might be another option. It would be a way to work with other people who also enjoy making rugs. You might be able to make some new friends from going to the class. You also might learn some new tricks to latch hooking that you would never have thought about before.